We have served more than 400 clients in the corporate, nonprofit, tribal, and public sectors.


Economic and Socioeconomic Impact Analysis: We have performed hundreds of customized economic analyses for our clients including economic impact studies, economic profiles, economic forecasts, cost-of-living research, population and employment studies, and economic modeling for industries, communities, and regions. Our clients find this research particularly valuable when educating the public and government leaders about the impacts of their specific project, industry, or program.

Policy Review and Analysis: Our firm examines and evaluates policy impacting various economic, social, or other public or corporate issues. Our competencies for policy analysis include skills in compiling best practices, conducting literature reviews, gathering stakeholder insights, analyzing existing policies to identify where new policies are required, identifying policy barriers or contradictions between policies, and analyzing costs of policy options to draft policy recommendations and weigh policy options and their tradeoffs.

Survey Research: We specialize in complex, challenging survey research and provide the most comprehensive, trusted reports in the Alaska market. Our surveys often gauge household attitudes on issues of public concern, demand for a new product or service, employee or client attitudes, and corporate shareholder opinions. We are expert in designing concise, easy-to-understand, and actionable surveys in all types of methodologies: mail, telephone, intercept, online, and mixed-method.

Evaluation Support: Our firm helps organizations and agencies plan, manage, and improve various programs and services in health, social services, education, the arts, workforce training, and economic development. Our experienced staff uses surveys, stakeholder interviews, best-practices research, and statistical and economic analysis to measure program needs, capacity, and impacts.

Market Demand and Feasibility Studies: Our firm has helped numerous clients explore new business opportunities or enhance existing operations. We have evaluated the market demand and financial potential for a wide range of ventures including real estate developments, seafood processing plants, mining developments, museums, cruise ship docks, and conference centers. Our studies frequently include surveys, executive interviews, case studies, estimation of construction and development costs, pro forma financial analyses, identification of factors that can enhance revenues, and marketing recommendations.

Community Development, Planning, and Public Outreach: Our firm is proud to work with communities throughout Alaska and beyond on planning for the future – whether for growth in particular industries or sectors, addressing deficiencies such as housing shortages or traffic congestion, or better managing municipal services and infrastructure. We incorporate a variety of sources into our planning support including public outreach via surveys and public meetings; extensive secondary data collection and analysis; and in-depth stakeholder interviews, among other sources. 

Strategic Planning and Facilitation: Our firm helps organizations and agencies define their vision for the future and identify goals and objectives through our skilled facilitation and strategic planning processes. We have assisted a wide range of entities in creating road maps for growth and success including Alaska Native Corporations, State of Alaska agencies, Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), and health and social services providers.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Services: Our multi-disciplinary team of facilitators, economic and financial analysts, subject matter experts, social researchers, and evaluators bring a wealth of knowledge, insight, and experience to assessing corporate social responsibility and ESG impact – particularly within the Alaska economic, community, and cultural landscape.