We have served more than 400 clients in the corporate, nonprofit, tribal, and public sectors.


Visitor Industry: As Alaska’s leading tourism research and consulting firm, we help communities plan for and meet their tourism goals, and help businesses enhance their competitive position. We have surveyed over 20,000 visitors to Alaska since 2006 and continually monitor trends in the industry based on a wide variety of indicators.

Seafood Industry: We conduct feasibility and economic analysis across Alaska’s commercial fishing and seafood processing sectors. We have been the primary market research contractor for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) since 1998. We provide the industry with regular bulletins related to the harvests of and markets for Alaska salmon and

Energy and Environment: We have assessed the social and economic impacts or potential impacts or numerous oil, gas, and mining projects, and have conducted market analysis and feasibility studies. We have also conducted studies related to energy efficiency, energy policy, alternative energy, and climate change.

Education: We support education from early childhood through adulthood through survey research, program evaluation, needs assessments, and other services. Our work includes foundational research on early care and learning in Alaska, support for culturally responsive education, education cost allocation, and economic impact analysis of post-secondary education.

Health and Social Services: We
work with communities, nonprofits,
and government agencies to understand and improve health and social outcomes. Our work includes community health needs assessments, applied data and epidemiologic analysis, economic impact analysis, program evaluation, utilization analysis, and population level policy and planning support.

Alaska Native Interests: We have
worked on hundreds of projects with and for Alaska Native corporations, tribal entities, and associated nonprofits. We have assessed how the Alaska educational system serves Alaska Native students, helped develop ANCSA corporation strategic plans, surveyed shareholder opinions, and evaluated housing, health, education, and social service programs.

Environmental, Social, and
Governance Services:
Our multidisciplinary team of facilitators, economic and financial analysts, subject maller experts, social researchers, and evaluators bring a wealth of knowledge, insight, and experience to assessing ESG impact – particularly within the Alaska economic, community, and cultural landscape.